Maple Leaf Consumer Foods - Fixing Hotdogs A

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ADMS 4900 Group Project Report

"Maple Leaf Consumer Foods - Fixing Hot Dogs (A)"

Background Information

Maple Leaf Foods (MLF), a result of many mergers and amalgamations, has been in Canada for over 100 years. Its operations focus on three core areas: meat products, agribusiness and bakery products. The meat product group is the largest, with sales to about $2.5 billion in 2000. Each business is made up of independent operating companies (IOCs), with each IOC run by a president and encouraged to follow a common set of values. Efforts are underway to optimize vertical coordination of the IOCs. A major concern for the meat product division is the loss of market share in the hot dog industry where average price per kilo is increasing while volume sold by MLF is decreasing.

Current Strategy

While trying to be a cost leader and cater to multiple segments in the hot dog market, with multiple products in each segment, MLF has become stuck in the middle.

Internal analysis

Core Competence:

MLF is currently trying to become a low cost producer and potentially have the resources to become one of the best hot dog producers given their vast available resources.

Strengths (Resources and capabilities)


Strong financials

Historical brand presence

Market expertise

Integrated Suppliers

Strong performing regional brands

New team of marketing personnel

Good distribution channels

Losing market share due to multiple brands and focus

Lack of current market research

Increasing costs leading to rising prices

Changes in formulas compromising quality of product

Key Success Factors and Financials:

Over the years, MLF has been successful due to its knowledge of the market, obtained through market research and flavour testing. The company also possesses a large financial base due to its reach in its 3 core business areas of meat products, bakery goods and...