Decisions In Paradise

Essay by mike2680 September 2007

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This paper, will track a new member of the staff, Nik, on his or her initial day of employment as an assistant to Alex, the Director of Strategic Planning for the corporation, a very knowledgeable, demanding and powerful executive. Nik, who had just graduated from college two weeks earlier, has started the journey of his or her new profession with a new and successful company. Both Alex and Nik have been appointed to Kava, an isle in the South Pacific, which has recently experienced an enormous amount of natural disasters. Their proposed solutions to assist the businesses and people of Kava are developed using organizational involvement and processes, the human resources available during a crisis and the ethics needed after catastrophic event.

Organizational InvolvementThere are three reasons why this organization should get involved in Kava. First is that the company has demonstrated that it can develop and manage a very effective organizational structure and processes.

That includes all aspects of the company; marketing, finance, purchasing, technology, human resources, physical resource, transportation, strategic planning, leadership, and other departments as well. Secondly is that the goods that come from Kava, have a significant impact on the organization, and the global economy. Lastly, the founder, Chris Morales, has preached and demonstrated, "In the long run, economics drives everything."Decision-Making Styles and ModelsThe world is always changing therefore, decisions have to be made and the outcomes lived with. Some of these decisions are smaller than others while others have the potential to be more fatal to the organization as whole. Alex and Nik, are business leaders inside the organization, and must make use of all tools and resources at their disposal. One tool that is popular among executives and women alike is the decision-making model. Most leading managers use decision-making to influence the work...