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Cast-Away Scott McNaught Chuck Noland, a hurried and clock driven Federal Express manager of efficiency was finishing up his last shift before Christmas. It was a stressful job that involved yelling at fellow fed-ex workers into compliance with his hard nosed demands of unforgiving, expert handling of packages. Noland was in Russia at the time, demonstrating the slip shod practices of the system by Fed-Exing himself a simple clock from Tennessee, which took some eighty plus hours to reach Moscow - A most unsatisfactory effort according to Noland.

Back in the States, Noland met his fiancée, Kelly Frears. It was Christmas Eve. Kelly gave Noland a pocket watch - a family heirloom that had been passed from generation to generation. Noland then proposed and handed her a ring. A few beeps on the pager later, and Noland was on his way back to Russia. Chuck promised Kelly that he would be right back.

Little did she know, 'Right Back' would mean four years.

Noland had made a near fatal decision. He was returning to another city in Russia on an urgent fed-ex flight where his management skills were urgently needed. A mere thirty minutes into the flight, the crew found themselves engulfed in a tremendous thunderstorm.

Chuck had taken off his shoes and was asleep in the back part of the aircraft. Kelly's pocket-watch was resting on the arm rest beside him. Sudden turbulence woke Noland and knocked the pocket watch onto the floor. Alarms were going off inside the cabin, the plane was going down. Noland hopped out of his seat and edged himself over to where the watch lay. One of the pilots ordered Noland to sit back down, however the pilot was knocked unconscious by further turbulence. Noland slipped the watch into his pocket and saw the...