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I wrote my I-search paper on becoming a construction manager. Included in it will be job descriptions, income info, suggested class courses, and other information. A construction manager is mostly in charge of doing the running around to the different job sites and making sure all the sub-contractors are doing what they are supposed to and on time.

A contractor?s field of work is not one that is stationary. They are constantly in the field, checking things out and talking on the phone with various sub-contractors. It is a job that does not have set work days, having known from experience, the goal is to get as much done as possible during the week that you can take a Saturday off every once and a while. But for the most part the daily work hours are from anywhere from 7 am to 6 p.m.

To become a contractor, you do need some post-secondary education, not anything special, but some.

The minimal amount of education you need is a bachelor?s degree. Now, there is always perks to having a higher education, higher pay, more benefits, of course more knowledge. You also need some past work experience with other businesses in the same field.

Contractors need to be good at math; the job constantly includes setting new bids on homes, estimating quantities of material needed for homes, and on the job tips. They need to be good at planning work tasks, administering budgets, and project activities.

The number of job openings per year is a small amount, about 8,507 (careers 2001). It works best if you have a pre-established business that you can work into. The outlook of the construction business is looking forward; growing at an estimated +14.0% by the year 2008 (careers 2001), I?m really happy with that, because...