Perfect Pizzeria: Case study

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Job satisfaction is a key driver to corporate success. It is clear that at Perfect Pizzeria employees are dissatisfied with their work environment. In order to overcome job dissatisfaction, one might influence employee motivation by applying the expectancy theory - the theory of motivation that suggests employees are more likely to be motivated when they perceive their efforts will result in successful performance and ultimately, desired rewards and outcomes (McShane and Travaglione 2007, p146).

The effort-to-performance (E-to-P) expectancy is the belief that increased effort will lead to increased performance. In the present case, the company has no systemic criteria in hiring and formal training for mangers reduce the capability of performing the job successfully. Also, the indistinct role perception for night managers to perform regular employees' duties and for assistant managers to learn bookkeeping and management reduce efficiency. In order to strengthen the individual's belief that s/he is able to perform the task, the company should select the appropriate person with the required skills to do the job and to clearly communicate the tasks required for each position.

Furthermore, managers should provide the necessary support to get the job done and to create workforce harmony.

The performance-to-outcome (P-to-O) expectancy is the belief that performance at a certain level will result in the attainment of outcomes. The case suggested that employees are not reward based on their performance as they only earn the minimum wage. On the other hand, mangers are rewarded based on the percentage of food unsold or damaged, which is not highly correlated to performance. In order to increase the belief that good performance will result in valued outcome, the company should transparent the process that determines employee's reward and explain the outcome that will result from the desired performance. Most importantly there should be an accurate measure...