Individual Behavior and Communication: Team project

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IntroductionThe purpose of this essay is to share Learning Team D's collective findings from individual respondent's perspectives on three different elements that determine individual behavior and communication within organizations. The three elements chosen as topics for discussion on individual behavior and communication include: 1) ethical responsibility, 2) diversity, and 3) leadership communication responsibility.

During the discovery process these three elements will be compared and contrasted and commented upon as to how each of the three elements determine individual behavior as well as how the elements of communication can impact individual behavior in managing organizational behavior. The final assessment will consider how each of the three considerations, when successfully implemented; can result in a group becoming a high performance team. Please keep in mind that this is a team paper and information has been gathered from each team member's perspective of his or her respective organization; therefore, the application of the chosen elements may vary from one organization to another.

However, the essence of the elements that determine individual behavior and communication may be considered universal for varying types of work environments.

Ethical ResponsibilityThe business world can bring many unique challenges that may affect a person's ability to make just decisions during various situations in the workplace. Companies recognize this as an ongoing issue which is the main reason business ethics is held in such high regard with both management and employees. Ethics is the centralized recognition of right and wrong with every decision made. Often the workplace is where ideas of ethics are tested the most.

Ethical responsibilities in the workplace should be clearly defined so that employees understand what is expected of them in various situations. Because of this truth management is charged with taking the active role in portraying how the definition of ethics should be considered in...