Teamwork and Communication

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Work groups are the basic building blocks of an organization, and contribute to

organizational effectiveness when group goals are aligned with organizational goals,

and a team is a specific type of group. In most organizations today formal groups may

consist of employees who are responsible for an identifiable work process, a specific

project, or a problem that needs solving, and are often referred to as a "team", and has

the potential to dramatically affect an organization's performance.

In recent years, teams have emerged as the most important group phenomenon

in organizations. The term "team" is not new to organizations, and teamwork has been

stressed throughout the year. Today, teams are becoming increasingly popular, so

focusing on how to improve and enhance the performance of the teams in

organizations is an important topic to organizations.

Teams are groups of people who share a common purpose, who depend on

each other to accomplish their purpose, develop relationships with each other and

outsiders and eventually develop roles in the team.

These teams can be intact work

groups working for the same person, or can be from different functions or organizations.

In these times of constant modification within organizations, it is essential for teams and

team members to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Effective teamwork can help a company deal with the ongoing changes and can

create an environment to find better behaviors to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and

set goals, whether they be to provide the best possible service, to be the top sales

district, or to plan exciting company events. Teams have an important place in our

professional and personal lives. Working in teams is an inevitable life experience, even

for people who prefer to work alone. Working on teams can normally prove very

challenging with all of the variations in personalities,