Negative Communication

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Communication is a very important concept in a workplace. Everyone needs to be able to talk and communicate with each other some how or another. Being able to talk to a coworker or boss is a very important level of communication in a workplace.

I use to work back in California for an Army base. I worked in a communication building which repaired computers, phones and radios. I also did a great deal of our base's reproduction, which was copying government manuals and making booklets and so on. There was always something going on, I was always busy, so my boss had hired someone to help me with what I was doing. I had to train Cassie when she got there and show her how things were and how I worked. Cassie got the hang of things very quickly but never seemed to ask me any questions about the job.

As things went on she was doing good, but there was a problem, we would have a job to do that needed to be done by the end of the day and she would wait until the last minute to even look at the manual. When it was time for that certain manual to be picked up, she would always be hurrying to get that done on time. I never understood the point of working like that but I also never asked her why she did things the way she did.

Cassie went on being a last minute person for about a month until our boss Rick caught her doing it the first time. Rick had mentioned it to me and asked me about how she likes to do things the last minute and I told him what I knew. I do not think Rick ever said anything to Cassie...