Delegation: Theory, Practice and Application

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Delegation is the process of organizing responsibility to those that can complete the given task. Tasks need to be assigned at the lowest level of the school employees that are capable of accomplishing them. The purpose of this report is to illustrate how managers in the school system delegate as part of their management responsibilities. I will discuss how delegation could be used more effectively with the 4 functions of management within our schools. I will also discuss the skills that are necessary for effective delegation. From the school board down to the student and parents need to have proper delegation skills to increase communication with all that are involved in the school.


I work for a prominent mortgage company in Irvine, California as a Facilities Manager. I am responsible for the day to day operation of the company and facilities department. My main responsibility is to address the daily operation of the suite that includes HVAC, security, maintenance, parking, and power.

My secondary responsibilities include ongoing projects such as major office moves, equipment upgrades, individual moves, and all off-site vendors. Delegation is a big part of our company due to the levels of responsibility each employee has. This system is in place to ensure all employees are well informed and are in a safe environment with consistency for all.

Skills for Effective Delegation

Identify the Task.

In order for delegation to be extremely effective, several factors come into play. The first is to identify what tasks need to be completed, not all tasks can be completed at once. Not all employees have access to confidential information; confidential tasks remain the responsibility of upper management to maintain confidentiality and integrity. If the task is unfamiliar to a certain employee it is best not to assign the task to...