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Delegation in Management


Delegation in Management

Delegation should be seen by a manager as an opportunity rather something to be feared or fought. It is an opportunity to help grow new talent while allowing them to better focus on the management process. Yet many managers rebel against delegating work, "despite the earnest resolve to do more delegation, a manager often finds it difficult to give an employee a job that he thinks he can do better" (Pollock, p10). After all, it probably took years of their own hard work and attention to detail that helped get them where they are. Effective delegation will benefit all of the parties involved: the manager, the associate performing the task or project, and the organization. This paper will explore the skills required of a manager for successful delegation of work, the methods used at Hewitt Associates to delegate work, and the management areas delegation could be further utilized at Hewitt Associates.

Successful delegation of work is much more involved than "here is what I need, go do it". It requires an attention to the details of the task and a nurturing attitude towards the person who will be handling the task. The actual steps in effective delegation are found in Figure 1. These are only the steps in the process, however, and a manager will need specific skills to successfully navigate through them for success. Important to note also is that the final responsibility for accomplishment of the task or project remains with the manager, they are not simply getting rid of tasks they do not wish to do.

The first step in the process is to define the details and goals of the task to be delegated. The manager should "Explain why the task needs to be done, its relevance to...