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This paper will illustrate how managers at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) delegate as part of their management responsibilities. Delegation will explain how it can be used more effectively in planning, organizing, leading, or controlling with in BMS. A necessary skill will describe how effective delegation can be.

DelegationTo achieve organizational objectives it takes a team effort between managers and subordinates. Delegation becomes a fundamental portion of teamwork. Delegation should not be the passing off of one’s work, but the assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate. In addition to new responsibilities, authority, if necessary, can be given to the subordinate (Bateman-Snell, 2007).

ManagerIn the Central Clinical Operations department at Bristol-Myers Squibb, some managers delegate tasks to the supervisors to help oversee the workload of the Clinical Trial Associates (CTAs). These tasks may include keeping track of attendance, distributing project assignments to create a work balance and performing mid-year/end of year reviews.

SupervisorIn the Specialized Services department, the supervisor delegates specific regulatory documents pertaining to study. The tasks are divided among the employees according to one’s workload. These tasks may include a variety of hardcopy documents to be indexed into Electronic Study File (ESF), the company’s database. Also, the task requires CTAs to input regulatory information into IMPACT prior to study start-up. The supervisor is responsible for following up on the completion of tasks and reporting it to the manager.

Managers and supervisors need to delegate in order to meet department and company’s goals efficiently and in a timely manner. The managers can save time and energy by delegating work to the employees. Managers and supervisors’ time are best utilized in planning, organizing, leading and controlling. One uses planning by establishing/setting objectives for the employees to carry out. One uses organizing by coordinating the resources, but giving employees the...