Leadership vs Management

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Management and leadership are two terms that should be used together, but often times are not. Management can be defined as "Organization, supervision, or direction; the application of skill or care in the manipulation, use, treatment, or control (of a thing or person), or in the conduct of something." (Oxford English Dictionary, UOP library). Alternately, leadership is defined as "the action or influence necessary for the direction or organization of effort in a group undertaking" (Oxford English Dictionary, UOP library). From those definitions it seems that management is often seen as manipulative and controlling where leadership is using your actions and influence to make things happen. These are just the first differences between the two. A manager is not always a leader. There are times when a manager will just delegate every task to the point where they are not dealing with employees at all, but are just going through tasks and ensuring they are done.

In this situation employees will most likely look to a co worker for advice or leadership if only because they know more about the topic under question. Following I will discuss in further detail what these differences can be.

A successful leader must first understand that while one style may be their preferred style that it can sometimes be necessary to alter accordingly. Different situations, working with different cultures or working in different environments can impact the leadership style that would be best used. His is not to say that a leader does not have a predominant style, but that a leader must be willing to adjust to circumstances. A leader's predominant style is something that comes from within and is learned more or less through leaders they have had in the past.

In any organization there will be managers...