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As a future business leader of America, studying leadership will help me to succeed. I need to know the different skills required and various leadership styles so I can learn how to use them effectively. People aren't born to lead; rather it is a skill that is learned. Most major roles of leadership can be learned, if you desire to. An effective leader has a vision for the future of the organization. It is imperative to gain the respect and dedication of employees to obtain the goal. I want to inspire our employees to be creative in reaching our goals.

The definition of leadership according to Dessler is "influencing others to work willingly toward achieving objectives". There are many skills a leader possesses. In researching, eleven skills were found and defined. These skills were also found in researching styles, which were dictated by the skill strength of a leader.

Fro example, the task leader is strong in planning, controlling group performance and evaluating while the socio-emotional style is strong in communication, sharing leadership and effective teaching. Educating will enable me to choose a style that is appropriate for the business needs. I can then build upon my own strengths and weaknesses to develop a style that will develop into the future needs of the business.


I began searching the Internet for information and found so many articles that I looked through to see what fit the criteria of this paper. The articles I read from the Internet sources are, www.managementfirst.com, www.pslnet.org, and www.selfgrowth.com. In reading these articles one subject stands out and that is that there are different ways that people view leadership so the question a ask myself is how can I become an effective leader. Another issue that I came across is the leadership versus management...