Effective business communication. A report written to provide guidelines that will increase profit, efficiency, happier work environment and effective communication.

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Effective business communication.

Table of contents

Executive summary


Current situation



Approaches to improve communication

Multicultural training

Managers: Leading not managing

Buddy system

Interpersonal communication;

Retaining diversity



Executive summary

Crumbles Biscuit PTY LTD is a large biscuit factory that employs a culturally diverse workforce. This report is aimed at recognising current situation and evaluating the organisation, and allocating problems and possible problems. Providing guidelines that will increase profit, efficiency, happier work environment and effective communication are the intention of the report. Proposed program to assess prejudice and stereotyping, learning about cultures and behaviours, improve relationships and specially communication.

Biscuit factory


Topic for this report is communication in a large company that employs a culturally diverse workforce. There are issues related to a diverse workforce like retaining employees, stereotyping, prejudice, lack of understanding of cultures, communication effectively and utilising employees fully. There are actions to reduce issues with diverse workers and retaining them.

Culture is learned behaviour. Culture involves values, religion, norms, behaviour, feelings and traditions people develop over time. Diverse means different, various, many and different. In this relation, it means many different skin colour, cultures and backgrounds.

Current situation

Crumbles PTY LTD is a large biscuit company, employing little over 120 employees. Senior management runs the business from the top of the hierarchy, with several layers of managerial position following downwards. Crumbles PTY LTD also has accounting and marketing departments, which work solely within their areas of expertise. Head management of departments and factory floor communicates to senior management.

Work procedures and policies are set out, and can be found in folders in the hall by the main desk. Folders are easily accessible, but rarely read. They are straight forward, and mostly contain instructions on how to perform normal tasks for the floor...