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Managerial Communication Assignment one


It is the purpose of this essay to provide knowledge and understanding on what communication is, how it is used, what is can accomplish, what to beware of when using it and strategies of communicating. Communication, what is it? The transfer of understanding and meaning ·(Management; Robbins; edition 2 glossary definition). Basically, the communication role when involving speaking, expressing through body language, facial looks, tone of voice and even through the smallest gestures will always communicate a message to the receiver. Whether they take it positively or negatively will depend on the social, morale, ethical and cultural background. For example, going up to a Japanese businessman in the streets of Japan and shaking his hand would not be considered as "acceptable", but to bow to one another may. Communication, without it there would not exist many things, where would a manager be without communication? We need this in our every day lives, in all sorts of relationships.

When we focus on the professional relationships, the average manager want to communicate to be able to increase, generate and meet his/her profit margins, also keeping the employee morale up within the firm or organization. Communication is basically the process which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intention to motivate, influence, state, inform, debate or even insult. Also a good communicator is a person who listens and hears what the other person is saying, he or she is also able to speak in a way that is understandable and clearly conveys the intended message. · (Journal: The American Salesman; Author; Alan Test; edition; Mar 2001; pp17-19).

As seen in an experiment within an organization, employees do not full "trust" and are confident with a new manager joining there organization, and his/her...