Student Survival Guide: For A Distance Learning Environment

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The Student Survival GuideThe survival guide is designed to give students a basic understanding of organizational skills needed to develop new strategies in successfully retrieving information from our computer age society. This guide is meant to provide information on how to manage time, use online libraries, web sites, and other sources on the internet in addition to learning and developing effective study kills for a distant learning environment.

Conducting Successful Library and Internet SearchesWith a basic knowledge of how to explore the internet; students can find academic resources such as: facts, figures, files, articles for research and much more. However, the Axia Writing Style Hand Book (2006) states… Not all information is free, many cites charge subscription fees and or per article rates for more than one paragraph (Writing Style Hand Book, pg. 13). However, the university library is free and offers excellent resource materials.

Learning to navigate the university library will be very helpful.

There is an outstanding tutorial for all students which will give precise instructions on navigating through the library. As you enter, immediately click on the "Getting Started" link that is under the heading to get you going.

Students must be careful while searching for information online; most topics are found, but the validity of most sources could be questionable. Evaluating sources is imperative for accurate research. The Writing Style Hand Book (2006) gives some helpful hints…On the Web, use recognized domains to help establish credibility: .gov for statistics and factual reporting and .edu for educational (preschool through university sites). Professional, political, and charitable organizations (.org) are excellent sources of information as long as you are able to balance their particular agendas with other sources. Commercial sites (.com) include useful industry analyses and contextual resources. (Writing Style Hand Book, 2006, pg. 14).

Upholding Academic HonestyAcademic honesty...