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Scenario:Congratulations! You recently signed on as the Vice President of Human Resources at, a start-up company that provides appraisals and auctions of antiques and other items, all entirely online.

The company has hired 75 employees, including appraisers, Web developers, network engineers, accounting staff, and also sales, marketing, human resources, client services, and technical support teams. selected employees who are action-oriented, innovative, adaptive, extroverted, and demonstrate occupational expertise.

The mission and goals are:MissionOur mission is to use the Internet to provide accurate appraisals and competitive auctions to a global market and consistently deliver quick, customer-centered results.

Goals•Implement a Web-based appraisal and auction site that our customers will want to use.

•Maintain responsive and friendly customer service options that will encourage repeat business.

•Promote within existing auction and antique markets in a way that compliments traditional auction businesses.

•Create a management structure that supports profitable achievement of the mission and employee success.

The company has a small budget for employee programs, and operates in a very informal and fast-paced fashion. has asked you to design their employee involvement and recognition programs.

Employee Involvement ProgramFormulate an employee involvement program that will engage and inspire employees. You may choose among four types of programs: participative management, representative participation, quality circles, or employee stock ownership plans. Explain why you selected the program you did, and how you think it will benefit and its employees.

Program Description:Participative Management: Joint decision making i.e. subordinates will share at various degrees of decision-making power based on their particular area of expertise with their immediate superiors.

•Every employee is a specialist in his or her field of expertise. Therefore, employees will be motivated to get involved in the areas of their expertise.

•Since each employee was chosen for their expertise in a...