International Relationships Comparing United Nations and World Trade Organization

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International Relationships Table

International Relationships


United Nations:

World Trade Organization:

Complete both Part A and Part B.

Part A:

Complete the table below for both the United Nations and World Trade Organization by providing a description of the Purpose, Major Functions, and Current Members for each organization.

Part B:

Answer this question:

Select one organization; the United Nations, or the World Trade Organization.

What is the relationship between this organization and international business?

The relationship that I see between World Trade Organization (WTO) and international business is that the WTO plays a neutral role in the system of trade and negotiation for all members involved in international business to include imports and exports. The WTO in responsible for providing, maintaining and ensuring that: legal ground-rules are upheld by all members involved in international business. International business is able to continue imports and exports while all government agencies maintain social and environmental objectives through WTO supervision.

United Nations

World Trade Organization


Bring all nations together throughout the world for peace and development for peace, justice and the well-being of humanity.

Address international problems.

Balance global interdependence and national interests for all countries.

Maintain international peace and security

Develop friendly relations among nations

Cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems

Promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms

Be a center for harmony between all nations

Operates a system of trade rules and negotiations for all members

Provide a neutral negotiation environment for all members

Liberalize trade for all members

Negotiate membership aid for trade agreements for all members

Settle trade disputes for all members

Major Functions

Provide policy integration and analysis

Provide analytical support and policy guidance

Provide strategic analysis and policy research

Provide policy analysis and guidance

Provide innovative approaches to sustainable development...