Power and Politics: Michaels' Dilemma

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Power and Politics: Michaels' DilemmaMichael Feldstein works for Lafleur, a major international beverage company, as the global category director for rums. The resignation of Lucien Beaumont, Lafleur SA's president of U.S. operations has opened an opportunity for several employees, to include Michael, for advancement. Michael believes that his chances are good for being chosen as Lucien Beaumont's replacement. Michael's major dilemma is: Will he have to play politics to win the position over other qualified candidates or will it be more beneficial to take a presidential position in Lafleur's company in China?Michael, who has been with Lafleur for only two years, is depending on his richly varied background in sales, marketing, production and finance as well as his outstanding sales record with Lafleur to help him land the position as Lafleur SA's president of U.S. operations. Of all the candidates for this position, Michael's strongest competitor seems to be Danielle Harcourt, the global category director for vodkas and liqueurs, who has been with Lafleur for 15 years.

Danielle is well known for her charismatic approach toward networking and office politics where-as Michael attempts to steer clear from office politics at all cost. The only dependency that I can see that exists for Lafleur, as far as Michael is concerned, is that his sales record is impeccable and he has knowledge to varying degrees in a wide variety of fields in business that is an outstanding asset for the company.

In addition to Michael's issues with Danielle and with office politics, he was faced with family concerns as well. Whatever decision Michael makes is dependent on the health and welfare of his 12-year-old son, nine-year-old daughter, and his wife, Karen, who has already sacrificed her own career ambitions i.e. giving up a partnership-track position at a law firm to...