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A Fresh Start For Breathing Unpolluted Air


-Attention getter: If I were to show you a statistics about the air pollution level in hong kong,it will surely astonish you as the air quality is keep deteoriating in the recent years.

-Situation/Background information: Air pollution is a big problem in Hong Kong, which affecting our daily lives in numerous ways. The problems we are facing are mainly roadside vehicle emissions and regional smog.Also,the visibility is less than eight kilometres for around 30% of each year.Besides,the cause of some respiratory diseases such asthma and bronical infections have rised due to reduced air quality in

recent years.(


-Topic Sentence: Air quality is now a major concern in Hong Kong and has become an issue for all Hong Kong residents.


-According to Hong Kong University research, the air in Hong Kong contains almost three times more soot and other pollutants than New York's and more than twice of that in London.(Hong

Kong University).

-Declining regional air quality means visibility has also decreased dramatically. In 2012, low visibility occurred 25% of the time - the highest on record, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.The number of days in which visibility was less than eight kilometers rose to 102 in 2012 from 40 in 1997(Hong Kong Observatory).

-Hong Kong's roads are also the most crowded in the world, with almost 280 vehicles for every kilometre of road. The city's vehicle is dominated by heavily polluting, aging goods vehicles, most of which run between the city and the Pearl River Delta/Shenzen. Diesel commercial vehicles are responsible 90% of RSPs and 80% of NO2 emissions and these gases are the major pollutants contributing to the air pollution.

-The Air Pollution Index(API)ranges from 0 to 500 and is...