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Here's the life in the eyes of a famous gangster. Alphonse Capone, or better known as Al Capone, is the worlds' most famous gangster. Al Capone was merciless, rich, successful and powerful.

Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Italy in a town called Naples. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Al's family emigrated from Italy in 1893. Al had five brothers and three sisters. His five brothers were Vincen the 30th, Ralph, Salvatore, Amadeo Ermino, and Matthew Nicholas. His three sisters were Umberto, Rose, and Malfada.

He married a girl named Mae Coughlin who was Irish American. They married just before Christmas in 1918. On their marriage certificate it said that both of them were 20 years old, but Al was only 19 and Mae was 21 years old. Later they had a baby boy they named Albert Francis, but he was always known as Sonny.

In Al's spare time he enjoyed golfing, boxing tournaments, and baseball games. With a family to support, Al started to get restless. He wanted Mae to have furs and jewels but they couldn't on a wage of $25 a week. So he joined a gang named the Five Pointers. The Five Pointers was a very successful gang comparing them to the famous Whyos gang. In their day they had an army of 1,500 gang members terrorizing Manhattan.

A gangster named Frankie Yale gave him his first job as a bartender and a bouncer at an old bar called Harvard Inn, but Al did not work very many hours. He kicked out any unusual customers. Al was very good at it also and enjoyed it a lot. If you didn't behave you were asking for it because you would have help from his fist. Al always carried a gun incase...