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The story of Aladdin appeared for the first time in One Thousand and One

Nights, the first major European version. . One of the more recent and most popular

versions of Aladdin was an animated movie made in 1992 by Disney. Even though the

movie and the Arabian tale share common traits and are both centered on a young boy

named Aladdin, the morals they state couldn't be more different.

In Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp , Aladdin is a boy who is lazy

and selfish. His selfish ways even make his own father upset, causing him to die. After

his father dies, Aladdin depends on his mother to make money and to provide food, and

becomes increasingly rebellious and is home only to eat. As we learn more and more

about Aladdin, the more unlikable he becomes.

In contrast, in the movie, Aladdin is a clever boy who steals food only

because he is too poor to buy any.

His lack of family or food immediately makes us, the

audience to feel sympathy for his situation. . Although we know that he is breaking the

law by stealing bread he didn't pay for, we understand that he is just trying to survive and

if put in the same situation we might do the same thing. Aladdin sees very small children

digging through the trash to eat and gives the food he worked so hard to get, to these

orphan children. This reveals the good, kind and honest man that Aladdin is.

Aladdin in the book continues to be greedy and is never satisfied by what the

genie gives him; he constantly seeks more and more. He also feels the need to show off

his riches, particularly by the building...