Aladdin and the lamp

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8 September 2014

The Story Of Aladdin

Different tales have been passed down from generation to generation throughout history. Some of the old tales passed down have been changed by the modern day world for different purposes. Some purposes include enhancing and making the tales more appealing for the listeners and viewers of the current generation. The story of "Aladdin and the enchanted lamp" from the one thousand and one nights is among the several tales that have been changed a little from the original version and modified to a modern day version, is the Disney film production, Aladdin. The two different version of Aladdin have some differences in the portrayal of the main character Aladdin; however, they also have a similar love at first sight concept.

While the book made Aladdin look like a lazy and timorous person, the Disney version made Aladdin's character wise.

In the book, the main character, Aladdin lived in China with both his mother and father. Aladdin preferred to play on the streets rather than earning a living hereby making his father die of shame and his mother was forced to take up weaving to subsidize his laziness. The story began when a magician tricked to get a magical lamp. On seeing the cave, filled with treasures, Aladdin then goes in to get the lamp and he refused to give the magician the lamp. This made the magician cast a spell on him leaving him trapped in the cave. While in the cave with the lamp, Aladdin starts to cry for his life. This made him rub his ring in despair, which released a large black jinnee. The jinnee said he would grant Aladdin anything he Aladdin chose. Aladdin made a cowardly act...