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Sailboats on the Seine Claude Monet's vision of Sailboats on the Seine was accomplished during the impressionist genre in 1874, it is an oil on a square canvas. The impressionist era was between about 1867 and 1886 by a group of related approaches and teqniques, these of which Monet had great devotion to the ideals of the movement throughout his long career, so it is fitting that one of his paintings gave the era its name. The most noticeable characteristic of Impressionism was an attempt to accurately and objectively document visual reality in terms of temporary effects of light and color. The Impressionist painters were not satisfied in their early careers with the academic teaching's on the depiction of a historical or mythological subject matter with literary overtones. They also rejected traditional imaginative or idealizing treatments of academic painting. Monet was influenced by Eugene Boudin and J.R. Jongkind, two imaginative painters, who depicted fleeting effects of sea and sky by means of highly colored and texturally varied methods of paint application.

He also liked to paint out-of-doors while he was looking at his subject, instead of finishing up his sketches in the studio, as was the customary practice.

When I arrived at the Legion of Honor I was intensely ecstatic to enter and set forth towards the beginning of this paper. I strolled throughout the museum for a great amount of time. I was getting a little flustered when I looked down the great long hall and couldn't quite find a painting that I responded to with even a little bit of emotion. Then I looked at this one painting. Claude Monet did it. I knew that guy. We have looked at a couple of his paintings in class before. But this picture was different. This wasn't like the Rouen...