George Braque - Write up of trip to Braque expedition

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After going to the expedition I had to write up what I thought basically, but it contains alot of Braques' backgound as well as some comments related to Picasso and Van Gogh, very nice

Write up of trip to Braque expedition

Before going to this exhibition, my knowledge of Braque was very low, I knew only of his relationship with Pablo Picasso. With this in mind, and my interest in Picasso's work with Braque on cubism, I was looking forward to the exhibition.

The Gallery was exhibiting Braques' late works, and showed how cubism had grown during the Second World War, and after. Braque by this time had worked for some time on the cubist movement, and was working on four different themes with which to experiment: The Interior, The Billiard Table, The Artists' studio, and Birds in Flight.

Some critics say his late paintings retain the same values that were first explored in cubism, but a new character emerged.

His maturity allowed a mood of meditation and ambiguity, which is very prominent in these works.

Braques work never depicted people, his pictures were not just objects either, they contained his feelings that could not have been conveyed any other way. The first works in the Gallery were painted during the Second World War and show his mentality to the invasion. For Braque the war years were very difficult, the food rationing and availability of heating money only spurred on his spirit to create new ways of giving character to his paintings. The painting 'Kitchen Table with Grill' has a single fish positioned amongst all the cooking utensils almost as a sacrament. This same picture had a surface that was very crusty and textured. 'The stove' was textured using the ashes produced from the stove painted. This enriched paint...