"All My Sons" by Arthur Miller

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Review of the play

The play titled All My Sons written by Arthur Miller seemed to be an ordinary story but in actuality held a deep hidden meaning. I feel that it was not rally on the surface, but once you analyze it more closely, it could be easily found. The author wrote the play in a sense that seemed to relate more to the working class, perhaps do to his own life. This made it equally more compelling to myself since my family to worked hard to support us when we were younger. I feel that researching the hidden meaning of this play is what interested me the most though, and I will attempt to explain this more in depth in the following paragraphs.

All My Sons starts out as most books and plays I have read before. All the characters are just sitting around talking about the days events.

I personally feel that this is an instant ingredient that makes me lose interest. The way all the characters are just sitting around talking to friends and laughing seems like a bad Brady Bunch episode. I felt that the start was very slow and it was hard for me to continue. I don't think that all the talk between these characters is necessary although it does give one a brief introduction to how each member acts or their personality in the play. I just got the feeling that it was drug out and could have been brought to a close sooner than it did.

Approaching the middle of the play, I felt that it really started to pick up and grab my interest. The objects or props the author used also help make the play more interesting and easier for me to visualize. The tree I felt was exceptionally...