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Understanding Drugs: AlcoholAlcohol is our society's "chosen drug." It makes us unable to see what harm it can do in many reasons. A person may not know their limit to stop drinking and become drunk. This limits their ability to do certain things. Many people drink to relax or to celebrate special occasions. There are millions of reason people choose to drink. People do it to gain confidence, for fun, to loosen up, and relax. Alcohol is not safe at all. If you drink too much, you can even die.

Alcohol is a chemical. In using alchol in chemistry, it is used for a totally different reason.

They are very dangerous, also. They are used in industry to dissolve other sunbstances. It is made by microscopic living things called yeasts, which live in water and are fungi.

Alcoholic drinks include different ingredients in how they are made. Beer, for instance, is fermented from malted barley, with hops for flavor.

Cider is made from apples. Lager is stored and mellowed. Wine can be made from grapes. Sherry, Port, and Vermouth are fortified wines. They are made by blending wines and spirits. Liqueurs are made from spirits and flavorings or juices. Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum, and Ginare are all distilled.

Alcohol affects the nervous system and mainly the brain. If it didn't affect these things, it probably wouldn't be used as often. It is classified as a depressant drug. It "holds" the brain. It lessens worry and anxiety. It makes some people happy. There are two different parts of the brain, which are the higher part and the lower part. Alcohol itself depresses the higher part first. This makes the qualities in the lower part come out more. In dealing with the higher part, thought, memory, speech, and human parts...