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Marijuana should it be legalized? Should marijuana be legalized? What do you think? I used to smoke marijuana all the time and would be able to pass any test that you could give a sober person. Marijuana is like alcohol there is a limit, everything has its limits. If you smoke weed you can control your high. Ask yourself this, Why is marijuana illegal it's just a plant. It grows from the ground just like any other plants, not in some chem. Lab. Just because it gets you high does not mean you should take it away. If alcohol kills or cigarettes kills why aren't they banned? It's your chose not someone else's. People chose to smoke knowing that they will get cancer yet they still smoke so why is it not illegal? I think that marijuana is good. It can have its good sides and its bad sides just like anything else.

Marijuana can calm you down, it can let you have a good time it can open your mind to new ideas. But like everything it has it downers like, you get tired you get red eyes, you get real hungry, and you get cottonmouth. But we can compare to cigarettes they give you cancer in lots of different places, it ages you, you can die off of them you can get addicted very easy, and you can waist tons of money on something that makes you die!