Alcohol and effects on the body.

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There are many pros and cons of drinking alcohol. Some of the pros are alcohol can be healthy to your body in some ways, it can help heal cuts, and even kidney stones as I have read in many cases. Some of the cons are that it can affect your body, and cause you to act differently and can cause cases of even dieing, accidents, and can hurt other people around you. Drinking is a bad choice in some cases and a good choice in some cases.

Alcohol can affect your body in many ways. There are many diseases known that are caused by people who drink alcohol, no matter how often they do it. When a person drinks alcohol is gets into their blood stream and causes it to go to all the organs of the body, slowly damaging every organ in a persons body, which was once healthy.

Alcohol is also absorbed in the stomach. If there is too much in the stomach, the lining slows absorption, and the valve between the stomach and the small intestines close, preventing alcohol from entering the small intestines where it would be absorbed quickly. The closing of the valve may also cause nausea. The elimination of alcohol begins almost as soon as it is absorbed in the bloodstream. About one-tenth of it is eliminated and unchanged as a part of sweat, urine, and air. The rest of the alcohol is broken down or metabolized, chiefly by the liver. Some people know alcohol as a depressant but others use it to make them feel better.

There are short term and long-term effects of drinking. Major long-term effects are serious physical and mental disorders. An alcoholic's life is usually 10 to 12 years shorter than a non-alcoholic. Alcohol can cause people to...