Alcohol should be illegal. It has been shown to cause many social and economic problems within local societies.

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Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroine are accepted as substances that cause addictions and other significant problems for society. Arguably, alcohol falls under this category. Why should other substances be illegal and alcohol be freely and legally available.

Could it be that our government relies, financially upon alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug that slows down you nervous system and brain, it is also the most widely used drug in Australia.

Countless studies show that alcohol is the cause of a whole range of social and economic problems.

Information that I am presenting relates to studies undertaken in the United States. However, my research suggests that the US studies closely relate to those of the Australian environment.

One third of all road deaths are caused by alcohol. In addition to the actual deaths there are significant numbers of people who sustain injuries caused by road accidents involving alcohol.

These injuries range from minor cuts and bruises, to situations where people become paraplegic and quadriplegic.

The cases involve significant costs and place substantial responsibilities and pressure upon family and friends.

In addition to the deaths and injuries are the costs of police, booze buses and courts to support punishment for those misusing alcohol.

People often lose their families and jobs because of alcohol addictions.

Alcohol is a major factor in criminal justice. A recent American study produced the following statistics. Alcohol was a major factor in;

54% of all murders and attempted murders

68% of manslaughters

52% of rapes

48% of robberies

50% of all drowning

As a result of alcohol, families split up, abuse and violence occurs, people become distant from families and addicts spend all their money on alcohol. Heath wise, drinking alcohol can cause damage to your body, sometimes these damages heal other times they...