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Introduction: Attention-getter: A story of a person who was an alcoholic.

Reason to listen: a) Alcoholism is one of the problematic diseases in the world today. To be exact, ninety five percent of untreated alcoholics die from alcoholism.

b) I became interested because the person described in the attention-getter is my Uncle.

Specific purpose: To provide you with information that will give you a better understanding about alcoholism.

Forecast: Discuss the causes, signs, and treatment of alcoholism.

Body: I. Discuss the causes of Alcoholism.

A. Brief definition of alcoholism.

B. One cause is a family member who is a alcoholic.

C. Another cause is the use of other substances.

D. Depression.

E. Post-traumatic stress syndrome.

II. Discuss the signs of alcoholism A. An increasing tolerance to the effects of alcohol.

B. A growing preoccupation with or interest in drinking.

C. A person will dispute there is a problem.

D. Hiding alcohol or sneaking drinks.

E. Wanting to drink more, or longer. than the rest of the crowd.

F. Losing control of drinking, leading to attempts to control it.

III. Discuss the treatment of Alcoholism.

A. Alcohol Anonymous (AA) is one of the most affective programs to help alcoholics.

B. The AA has a twelve steps to recovering from alcoholism.

C. An alcoholic is said to be recovering from alcoholism if he or she is no longer drinking, and working on the twelve step program.

Conclusion: Summary: In summary, I have talked about the causes, signs, and treatments of alcoholism.

Final note: If you ever encounter someone you care about suffering from alcoholism, try to help them seek treatment from this disease.

Author: Patrick Boodram Introduction: Attention-getter: Ten years ago, a little boy's uncle came to the U.S. to live. The uncle name was David, and stayed with his...