Alexander Graham Bell & His Bright Ideas.

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Driven by voracious curiosity, Alexander Graham Bell possessed an extraordinary gift for seeing inventive possibilities and for envisioning how to create working innovations. He was driven by a deep need to solve problems and to invent practical solutions. Bell was never satisfied by just one invention. There was always another problem to ponder, another invention to create. Bell's indefatigable efforts in his experimentation resulted in the development of many ingenious inventions and modernized our forms of communication and transportation.

Alexander Graham Bell exhibited a tireless amount of energy in his process of continuous experimentation. Professor Bell, Alex's father, invented Visible Speech, a system of symbols and sounds used to teach the deaf to communicate. This system later inspired Bell's invention of the telegraph. The telegraph transformed into the telephone through an accidental discovery. Bell sought for ways to improve America's communication system in general.

Bell looked at each one of his trials as an opportunity for greater success.

Alexander Graham Bell's life of achievement and innovation resulted from his willingness to try anything. Bell understood the value of man giving fancy free rein and learning from failure. Bell believed that there are no unsuccessful experiments. He believed that every experiment contained a lesson and that if a man does not get the results anticipated and

quits right there, then he is the failure, not the experiment. Bell was in a race to

succeed with the telephone because he knew that Elisha Gray would if he did not conclude his development. The fuel to continue in his attempts at the telephone came from his errors and passion to complete what he had begun.

Bell's successes became obvious through all the inventions that developed from his trials and errors. When Bell and Thomas A. Watson met, the two immediately connected and...