Alexander the Great: Obituary.

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I wrote this obituary to let you know that Alexander has passed on. First I want to tell you what an honor it is to be a general in his army. I remember standing next to him thinking I am one of the few who have seen the look on his face when we took over his Fathers dream, Persia. When we won the battle of Granicus in 334 B.C. he appointed me to General. Then we marched on to Susa where we took that over and I noticed something I never seen a leader do. He was fighting on the front line with the soldiers and I. He was very ecstatic as we marched on to India were we where forced to turn around by our own troops. He was very disappointed but he knew that his very strategic war plans and strategic mind had expanded his empire this far.

He like most soldiers were never scared and if he was did not show it. The most beautiful place we went to and by far most beautiful was Babylon. The people there were nice and the city was colorful with green everywhere. I think if he wanted to die that is the place he would want to be. And with that statement I would like to wrap this oration up with a thank you to Alexander for all your expertise on the battle field and kindness off. So thank you and rest in peace.