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Jedism. The religion of Star Wars.

ing incredibly entertaining and extremely well-made, gives us a complete portrait of a society (The Empire) and a religion (Jediism, for lack of a better term). Although the movies are mostly devoted ... lly comprehend the future of Jediism, we must look at the society in which it exists-- the Galactic Empire. Before the Emperor took power, the galactic government was one of peaceful coexistence. All ...

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Was Rome stronger during the republic or the empire? A question answered by looking at the governments of both of these eras of one of the greatest societies on earth.

Essay: Was Rome Stronger During the Republic or the Empire?The society of the Roman Republic was very strong while it existed. The first Romans helped t ... hile it existed. The first Romans helped to develop the nation that would turn into one of the best empires ever in the history of the world. The people of the Roman Republic set up a strong governmen ... ection helped with the problem of succession, which would be experienced later by the Romans in the Empire. The main jobs of the consuls were to administrate the government and head the Roman Army int ...

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USS Maine, Sinking of

othesized such events as these to take place. For a period of time, America seems to have become an empire, taking control of those who are weaker, and threatening those who rebel against us. Claiming ...

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The life of Napoleon I

poleon's life was a very interesting one. Starting a poor boy, hated by most, rising to rule a huge empire, and then finally being destroyed by his own arrogance and ending his life humbled, rememberi ... the British destroyed the French fleet, leaving Napoleon stuck in Egypt.In early 1799, the Ottoman empire declared war on France. To stop the Ottoman's from invading Egypt, Napoleon invaded Syria, bu ...

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China's philosophies: Legalism, Daoism, and Confucianism, along with an explanation of how China influenced Japan.

IntroductionChina was one of the first civilizations to become an empire in history. Like Alexander the Great, Qin Shi Huangdi established the first empire in the Eas ... mperor of China. In Qin Shi Huangdi's reign, he laid down the law on stones in various parts of his empire on behalf of the influence of the philosopher Han Feizi who called himself a legalist. Beside ...

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Politics of Mexico, NAFTA

ttained its greatestdevelopment about the 6th century AD. Another group, the Toltec, established an empire inthe Valley of Mexico and developed a great civilization still evidenced by the ruins ofmagn ...

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Global social change

ween the fifteenth and the sixteenth century, SPAIN ruled as a great power among other nations. Its empire began when, in 1492, Spain financed Columbus's expeditions and explorations to conquer territ ... relied on the influx of gold and silver from the New World. Spain was the first country to start an empire and consequently started a trend. Once HOLLAND gained their independence from Spanish rule, a ...

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This is a brief history of Russia until Alexander II's rule.

II's rule")For over 330 years a single family, the Romanovs, has ruled Russia. The 850 square mile empire stretched across most of Eastern Europe. The area was comparable to North America. The indepe ... church's role was to reinforce the people's obedience to the czar. Since a czar couldn't manage an empire single-handed he would give church officials and landowning nobles military offices and posit ...

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Question of: How did Charlemagne build and Govern his Empire? (covers all aspects)

How did Charlemagne Build and Govern his Empire?Charlemagne was one of the most successful rulers of his time period. How did he build and go ... arlemagne was one of the most successful rulers of his time period. How did he build and govern his empire the way he did? He used a combination of his personal charisma and intelligence, the feudal s ... l charisma and intelligence, the feudal system, the Church, and war in order to create the greatest Empire since the time of the Romans. His dislike of corruption, and his power in battle all contribu ...

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What were the effects of Roman Imperialism? Include both, the effects on Rome, and the conquered peoples.

a variety of resources from new lands, they also had to deal with the problem of controlling a vast empire, which made it difficult to govern effectively. People of conquered lands were heavily taxed, ... d was now Roman land.One of the primary concerns of the Romans was the ever-extending size of their empire. It was certainly a difficult job for the central government to control the whole empire. Whe ...

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Thesis on feudalsim vs manorialism.

his son Louis took over. He didn't have a lot of power and there was no body of law. This made the empire break apart and cause a civil war in 843. After the war the counts got together and signed a ... the war the counts got together and signed a treaty know as the Treaty of Verdun. This divided the empire up into states and then this caused the battle of the classes, which was the start of feudali ...

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How important was the stable family to Roman society?

oking at how important the stable family unit was to Roman Citizens in both periods of Republic and Empire.Evidence suggests that from around 600BC to the 1st Century AD, families were organized in a ...

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Beowulf v. Star Wars Compare & Contrast

er known. Luke was born during the chaos as the galaxy transitioned from Republic to the tyrannical Empire. Beowulf and Luke both had a boon, a timely blessing or benefit, from which they were given. ... r. The Death Star was the code name of an unspeakably powerful and horrific weapon developed by the Empire. The immense space station carried a weapon capable of destroying entire planets. The Death S ...

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Cultural leftovers from our past civilizations. Alexander the Great. Greece's influence on today's architecture and education.

day. With the help of 35,000 Greeks and Macedonians Alexander managed to conquer and create his own empire from Greece to the borders of India. While on his journey he came up with the idea of getting ... inst the barbarian people before the city of Rome fell.Rome is sometimes referred to as a "bipolar" empire. We use that term because when Rome was falling the people of Rome became quite polar opposit ...

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Study the evolution of armor throughout the Middle Ages. How did the armor of the barbarians differ from that of the Carolingian period?

of armor itself. Most notably, this attitude was formed by the invasion of the barbarians into the Empire--thus, leading to the eventual 'barbarization' of the entire Roman army (and the forerunners ... -thus, leading to the eventual 'barbarization' of the entire Roman army (and the forerunners of the Empires that spawned at the Empire's end). Because most of the Germanic barbarian armies were outfit ...

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Julius Caesar- Brutus & Cassius: Who Is the better leader?

and Cassius are very contrasting people; one man is better suited to be a leader of a battle and an Empire, than the other. That man is: Marcus Brutus. Although Brutus makes many consequential mistake ... test strengths. A man who is as deceptive as Cassius is not fit to lead a battle, not to mention an Empire.They have one final obvious reason why Cassius is indisputably not suited for leader is that ...

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The fall of the Roman Empire

this is just some of the essay: Rome once a small tiny farm city grew into a vast empire. But what were the roman territories conquered by Rome were they didn't speak Latin called? T ... treated them like slaves then there would be a revolt and they would consider migrating to an enemy empire. Also provinces were a big part of trade for the Romans. So without treating the provinces wi ... when they became enemies they were because they conquered and destroyed Rome the one of the biggest empires of all time so then were a big part of history. So they stood out a lot more when they were ...

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This was a 5 min. oral presentation on the Ancient Roman Family. It breifly covers most aspects of Roman Family structure.

the Romans, whether they were rich or poor. The family was, in a sense, a miniature version of the empire. The same values that were expected of people in society were expected and taught at home, wi ...

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Comparing George Orwell's Animal Farm to the Bolshevik Revolution. What real-life characters did the animals represent? What traits did the animals show off?

sian citizens. The book carries out much like the actual revolution. It starts out with hopes of an empire where all are equal and the unfair unjust leader is thrown out. Then it moves on to where som ...

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Book Report on THe Life of Chingis Khan written by Vladirmisv

, brought under a single sceptre the civilizations of Far and of Near East, and became the greatest Empire the world had witnessed. He explains how these accomplishments of nomads happened under the r ...

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