Alexandre Gustave Eiffel: A Simple overveiw of his life and achievements

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Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was born on 15th of December 1832 and died on 27th of December 1923. Was a French engineer and architect, he specialized in metallic structures. His mose famous piece is the Eiffel Tower built between 1887-1889.

Gustave was bought up in a fairly wealthy faimly, his mothers coal buisness provided more then enough money to funf his education at high levels. He first became invovled with architechture at a company which designed railways.

The buildings Gustave designed had great social, economical and political impact on the world. The many bridges he designed were constructed all over the world. The bridges allowed fast travel and trade in the regions they were built. They were very affordable as construction for the bridges was very simple. His major piece the Eiffel tower had huge impact on Frace it draws millions of tourists every year. Its was mainly built for the 1889 Internation Exposition.

Gustave also desinged the Statue of Liberty which was a gift to the USA from France. The French chose Eiffel cause of his work and expertese. The statue was a sign of the friendship and respect shared between France and the USA. The statue became a tourist attraction boosting the economy of New York.

Famous Bridges:

Porto Viaduct

Garabit Viaduct

Viaduc de la Souleuvre

Famous Buildings:

Eiffel Tower

Statue of Liberty

Nice Observatory

Eiffel Market

San Sebastian Church