Alfred Hitchcock and his contribution to Hollywood.

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Throughout history there have been many directors who have made their impact on the world of movies but few of them have had the same impact that Alfred Hitchcock has had. Hitchcock has been seen as a very complex yet important figure in the history of film making. He has directed some of the best suspense films known to man. He also had his own television show in the 50's known as Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born in England in a little town outside of London on the thirteenth of August in eighteen ninety-nine, to William and Emma Hitchcock. He had two older siblings, William and Nellie. The family was a lower middle class family living in Leytonstone, England. William Hitchcock was a dealer of fruit and poultry, and his business did quite well. According to John Russell Taylor, in his tell-all biography, Hitch (1978); Hitchcock was a child who kept to himself because of the fact that his older siblings were so much older than him (Taylor, 1978).

Hitchcock was educated at many different schools. His first school was a school which was located directly behind his house, operated by the Faithful Companions of Jesus. Hitchcock did not stay there long because, according to Taylor (1978), "Father Flanagan came and gave his parents hell for sending him to a secular school" (29). Following the secular school was the Selesian College in Battersea in which Hitchcock was sent to board at the tender age of nine. Finally Hitchcock ended up at St. Ignatius College where he stayed until he was fourteen years old. Hitchcock only left school after his father died in 1914. After he left school he decided to enroll in the School of Engineering and Navigation because he was interested in becoming an engineer.