Alice Walker, The Color Purple- How optimistic do you find the Color Purple?

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How Optimistic do you Find the Color Purple?

This novel is about the growing pains of a young girl who is raped from a young age and sold to the highest bidder. The novel also tackles the way women are used as objects for making babies and looking after and raising the children.

The story is set in the American south where the white man rules and the blacks brought over from Africa, their free homeland, as slaves. Here they are beaten and oppressed by the whites to do their bidding and lead a truly terrible life. The story follows a girl named Celie who has a very traumatic childhood. She sets the tone of the book very early on by both the content of her letters to god, her only friend who is always there for her and the way they are written. The letters are written as Celie hears them, with very poor spelling and grammar.

This shows the poor education of the Blacks, how they are ignored with no-one caring for them. This is shown when Celie writes in her letter ,"Like everthin i seen, she seen, and she ponderin it".

Celie has, as her role as the possession, to look after her little brother and care for him, feed him and try and teach him. But as she says "he ask for more jam, so i says yes to him, but he gittin fat". She is also raped by her father, and has a small number of children at a very young age and as a result is taken out of school". Her sex education is also poor as she says to god " a woman at church say that if you bleed you dont git big, i never bleed", referring to her period and...