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I have decided to use windows 2000 over windows 1998 because it is capable of running more tasks more efficiency as compared to Win. 98 that runs 16-bit and 32 bit.

It has more security, stability, NTFS, and FAT16/32.

I have also decided to use:

Spreadsheet Modelling - for producing invoices and cost plans. Can be used to create models, simulations or expert systems for others to use. Examples: Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3. Facilities include: entry of formulas to perform calculations, also ability to display data in graphical and chart form. Acts rather like a multifunction pocket calculator, but once set up for a particular purpose there is no need to remember all the formula and functions each time you use it.

Presentation Software - for demonstrations and lectures to live audiences. Examples: Microsoft Powerpoint, RM Illuminatus. Facilities provided to produce and edit on screen multimedia presentations involving text, images, video and sound.

Data Handling - for creating databases. Examples: Microsoft Access, FlexiData. Facilities include: creation & editing of fields, sorting records and query searching, also ability to display data in graphical and chart form.

Word Processing - for writing letters, reports and other documents. Examples: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, FlexiWrite. Facilities include: easy editing of text, font & size changing, find & replace, spell checker, word count, mail merge (to import text from a database while printing each copy of a document).

Spreadsheet software:

I have decided to use microsoft excel . Because other spreadsheet software like lotus, matrix and vscale has a limited support from Microsoft office, unlike the excel since it was made by Microsoft office, so support is guaranteed. Meaning compatibility issue with some other Microsoft product is a problem when it comes to embedding plus excel is more user friendly Than the other software...