A Review of Computer Abilities

Essay by aimee27 August 2007

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In an effort to explore the way computers work and interact, we will take a look at the various types of technology available. We start by looking at the best options for data accuracy given specific requirements. Next, we will review what storage devices are available and what uses they have. We will also review the options for quality output and which devices work best for specific types of information. Lastly, we will examine the role of specific hardware in regards to the speed of a computer.

Beginning with data accuracy, the best option for data input for a printed questionnaire would be a scanner. The scanner option would allow the information to be entered without any interpretation and prevent errors that may arise from such an interpretation. The best option for data input for a telephone survey would be using automated questions with number prompted responses. This will maintain the integrity of the information as given by the respondent.

The scanner is also the best option to maintain data accuracy with bank checks. This is used more often by banks today, not only as a means for accurate input, but also as a means to retrieve the check electronically to review if the information is questionable. The best option for data accuracy on retail tags is the use of bar codes and scanners. The bar code is specific to each item which can then be read by the scanner for tracking purposes. In the case of long documents, we again review the options for data input and settle upon the scanning of the document by the computer as the best option. This will assure accurate input of the data. In all of these options it’s clear that the best method of maintaining data accuracy is to eliminate as much...