All The President's Men

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All the President's Men The movie, All the President's Men, is about how the Watergate Crisis and how it was discovered that President Nixon was responsible for it. The two main characters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, are reporters for the Washington Post who were mainly responsible for uncovering the President's link to the Break in. This movie is accurate in portraying Woodward and Bernstein's struggle against a powerful political party and a presidential administration. ( In the beginning of the movie Woodward is on the story alone. Bernstein, a young and new journalist wants to be a part of the story very much. Woodward receives a tip that the name Howard Hunt was in the address books of two of the Watergate burglars. Howard hunt worked at the white house for Mr. Coleson. Woodward asked a white house employee what Mr. Hunt's job at the White house was. He said to him, "I am convinced that neither Coleson nor anyone at the White House had any knowledge of or participation in the deplorable incident at the Democratic National Headquarters."

Woodward never mentioned Watergate to the person but he pronounced him innocent when he was not being questioned at guilty. That was Woodward's first hint that there was a cover-up. Woodward is given permission to write an article. Bernstein looks at he article and he starts re-writing it. Woodward sees what he is doing and he approaches him and asks him what he is doing. Bernstein replies, "I'm polishing it, it was a little fuzzy. IN yours you can not tell is Hunt works for Coleson or is Coleson works for Hunt." Woodward sees that Bernstein's is better and he gives him his notes to finish writing it. From that point on, they are both on the story.

They then...