Alternate Catalysts for Organic Reactions and Synthesis

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Alternate Catalysts for Organic Reactions and Synthesis


The study is based on the principles of green chemistry that can be considered as the main notions regarding the importance of the responsibility to the environment in different forms and along with the issues related to Chemistry and compositions of different organic systems. Due to the two fold importance of these components of green chemistry, it is vital to take into consideration the factors that are related to the said issues.

One component of the study in Green Chemistry is the fact that the related principles are needed to be taken into consideration. Such principles points out the responsibility that are needed to be held by the people who manufacture and develop different forms of materials and compounds specifically the kinds that can affect the organic systems, or the systems of life. These issue target waste management, safe chemicals and renewable materials production, and other related activities in chemistry that view and present the importance of the surroundings (Anastas and Warner, 1998).

In relation to the green chemistry principles, the main objective of the study is to be able to focus on the determination and presentation of possible alternate catalysts for organic reactions and synthesis that can confirm to the green chemistry principles.


Prior Work

To be able to present a view and achieve an understanding in the issue under study, the review of the published research works are included. Also through the study of the said lien of works, the development and improvement of the field can be determined.

The study is mainly related to the organic compounds that are used in the chemical reactions as catalysts that can be considered to have comparatively low hazardous effects. One of the options that are being explored by different scientists and...