although new egland and the chessapeak region were both settled largely by people of english origin

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Samuel Adams 9/16/14


There are many differences between the colonies that are clearly shown. All of these differences occur for different reasons depending on area, religion, and motivation for coming to this new land. This is why many differences occur in these new colonies even though they were settled by mainly the same people.

In the Chesapeake and Virginia many of the residents there are single young men who came to here to get rich and to go back. The only reason they came here in the first place is because they got the short end of the stick of the England's Primogeniture Law back at home ad have nothing or they are considered "surplus population".[C]

Unlike in Virginia people in New England do not start showing up to get rich but rather to come and stay. Families also start having babies every two years [B], Patterns of communities with town halls, and schools are being built.

This happens because people in New England are not attracted to the get rich quick scheme down in the Chesapeake but they are more interested in the religious freedom this new land offers. Even through this diversity Johnathan Winthrop thinks the solution lies in unity and that we all come together to face our problems. [A]

In Massachusetts big differences also occur. From the beginning Massachusetts displayed how they stood apart from the others. For a start Massachusetts had a well thought of plan of settlement. This included setting rules ensured homes, and food for everybody in the colony [D]. Up until this point this has not really occurred yet in the other colonies especially in the Chesapeake.

In Connecticut there are also clear differences that are shown that also sets them apart from everybody else. In Connecticut you are taught to...