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Cassidy Jensen

Mr. Hansen

5th hour

October 12, 2014

What an American is

Freedom. When people think about the United States of America many usually reflect on the freedoms and rights that the country provides. America possesses many freedoms that numerous countries don't have the privilege of having. Some of these freedoms include: the right to bear arms, to have equal justice, to be able to live or travel anywhere, to work in any job that one can qualify, and the ability to marry and have a family. An American is not only someone who has U.S. citizenship, an American is someone who respects and honors these rights and freedoms. An American is someone who fights to protect their freedom and ideas of freedom. Freedom is what makes an American who they are. In order to understand why freedom means so much to those in America and to those who want to become an American we must look at a few of the most esteemed rights and freedoms: the freedom of education, religion, and the freedom of speech.

Freedom in education is a liberty that many citizens of other countries don't have. In multiple countries, individuals don't get to choose their profession, rather a test assessing their skills show what profession they should continue to study in or they will join the workforce after their secondary school. In America, individuals have the choice of what profession and careers they will go into and even if they will go to college at all. Other options such as homeschooling are not permitted in many countries other than the U.S.A. In secondary schools (like in Germany for example) students do not get the opportunity of having elective classes such as foods, art, music, woods, or extra language classes. They are either required to...