The American Civil War: Causes and Effects

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Although many believed the American Civil War was fought to end slavery, that wasn't the real reason, at least not at the beginning. Instead, it was fought for an even greater reason: to preserve the Union. But before getting into the actual Civil War, a few issues have to be revised. First and foremost there are the reasons for why it came to be, what exactly fueled it, and what precisely set the whole thing into motion. But for that however, a little background on the "slavery issue" must be given.

As most people know, the root of the problem came directly upon slavery. The whole issue was filled with much controversy. It started back in America's early colonial days. Although slave-owning had become quite expensive and even though Congress had tried to abolish it, slavery was still very popular. With the invention of the cotton gin, slavery was instilled more than ever.

Yes it's true the South was becoming economically very strong, but if it hadn't been for the slave's laboring in the fields, the South would have never become as prosperous as it got to be.

That was the whole deal. In other words, it wasn't slavery as it is that was being dealt with. It was all about the power and the wealth. When people talked about slavery they didn't see it as something evil in the eyes of God or a contradiction to the rights of men. Instead they saw it as money, money, money. So at least to the Southerner, it was an issue that dealt with money and power, not with the equalities of all men. Sadly to say, slaves were no longer seen as humans but objects or better yet, as money-making machines.

The need to protect this "institution" arose as the North's...