The US Civil War - Reconstruction

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The U.S. Civil war was a time of great distress in American history. The time period following the war is known as the reconstruction period. Throughout this time period many philosophical problems occurred. This was a time when all the causes of the war needed to be dealt with the wounds of our broken country needed to be addressed. Many of the problems that caused the war and that were caused by the war have been discussed and documented in numerous documents, films, and websites. I will discuss some of the problems that our country faced during the reconstruction faze after the civil war.

The civil war fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865 between the North and South (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2004). The two main causes of the civil war were Politics and Economics. The political problems that caused the war were the erosion of the two party system and the expansion of the country west.

There were other political factors that further pushed the country into war these included taxes and tariffs. These problems were some of the many causes of the war. The economical problem, which is most, cited, is that of the use of slave laborers. Plantation owners in the south depended on the slave labor to bring in the crops and fuel their agricultural-based economy. People in the North were more industrial-based and did not rely on slave labor. These fundamental differences pushed our nation past its breaking point resulting in the bloodiest war in U.S. history. Anti-slavery began to push the government to abolish slavery altogether. The groups who wanted the slavery to continue were also pushing for legalization. Other wanted to reconcile and remove the slaves at a slower Pace and to introduce them into society. (, 2005)

Many causes of the...