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The destructive dangers of deforestation and pollution have negatively affected forest environments all over the world. Also current events such as the chaotic forest fires in Spain and Portugal during the summer of 2005 have not only killed dozens of people, but furthermore suffocated parts of the world's oxygen production (trees). Trees and plants produce all of the earth's oxygen, and if they are destroyed, the quality of air will drop or even vanish, which will cause health issues to the environment and its habitants, and death. With these three major problems, deforestation, pollution, and forest fires, all caused by man, biological diversity is demolished. The vulnerable and innocent part of our planet now being destroyed because of unnatural causes therefore ridding of Mother Nature's job. American Forests aims for a healthier world in means of better water and air quality and recreation of forestry into fitting forest ecosystems for each community.

The American Forests is a foundation, or more clearly an advocacy group created in 1875 by citizens troubled about the waste and misuse of American forests and forests all over the globe. "It is the nation's oldest non-profit citizens' conservation organization" (About American Forests), as described about the history of the foundation. Also, "The organization is proud of its historic roots in the development of America's conservation movement and proud of the new approaches the organization has developed to help people improve the environment in the 21st Century" (About American Forests). American forests have also clearly stated that their vision to be healthier environment communities, their mission to cultivate a healthy world, and their strategy to do all this by encouraging and helping audiences to begin thinking and working towards healing the environment. "We do this by using the best science to identify conservation issues, then...