How the Spotted Owl impacted small communities. Conservation vs. Preservation.

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Conservation and preservation are terms that are used frequently in the 21st century. With earths natural resource's dwindling, many laws have been put into effect regarding the conservation and preservation of certain ecosystems. The purpose this paper is to compare and contrast both conservation and preservation. In this paper I will also explain the concept of natural regulation, and how the term relates to the importance of a protected ecosystem.

I was 10 years old the first time I learned the meaning of conservation and preservation, especially how they impact a local ecosystem like my own community. My father worked as a logger in the small town of Lyons, Oregon. He had been a logger for most of his adult life, while my mother was a school bus driver. The majority of household income for Lyon's and neighboring Mill City is earned from the lumber industry. In the late 1980s the Oregon spotted owl became a hot topic for American news stations.

Environmental groups had begun filing petitions seeking protection for owl which claimed the bird was in jeopardy of extinction. The reason behind this is that the spotted owl lives in old growth trees located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Logging and clear-cutting the old growth forests result in a destroyed ecosystem that these owls live in. I can recall the small community being outraged by such reports since many jobs could be lost if logging theses forests was banned. Environmentalists argued the only way to protect the owls is by preserving the old growth forests and to cease all logging in these areas. Local people took conservative approach by claiming that the logging and owls could co-exist with proper land management. The preservation theory won approval in the courts which lead to the owl being added to the list...