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AMERICANS FOHEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK BY AHSSAN ALI QASIM A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the National Certificate of BTEC ENGINEERING IN ELECTRONICS BOLTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE YEAR 1 Approved by Ken Price (Class Tutor) & Dave Kilpatrick (Course Co-ordinator) Completed by 5th December 2001 Date BOLTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE BTEC ENGINEERING APPLICATION OF COMPUTERS BY AHSSAN ALI QASIM Course tutor or Co-ordinator: Ken Price or Dave Kilpatrick Department of technology TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. - Table of injury types.

- Survey.

- Reasons for accidents.

2. - My own safety regulations. 2. Buffers 3. ALU 4. Accumulators 5. Instruction Register 6. Instruction Decoder 7. Timing and Control Unit 8. Program Counter 9. Clocks 10. Compilers 11. System Control Commands 12. List 5 examples of DOS commands and what they do.

13. Briefly explain what each part of the following line represents. What are filename extensions? Give 4 Examples? C:windowshistorym.mouse.gif

LIST OF PAGES Number Page 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author wishes to thank the Computer Network Technicians at Bolton Sixth Form College (South), for allowing me to use their resources and for their knowledge, which helped me complete this thesis.

GLOSSARY Word. [Click and type definition here.] LIST 4 EXAMPLES OF COMPUTER HARDWARE Monitors The monitor is, of course, the display located on top of, near, or inside your computer. Like any computer device, a monitor requires a source of input. The signals that run to your monitor come from video circuitry inside or plugged into your computer. Some computers - such as those that use low profile or new low profile motherboard form factor-usually contain this circuitry on the motherboard. Most systems, though, use Baby-AT or ATX style motherboards and normally incorporate the video on a separate circuit board that is plugged into an expansion slot or...