American Indian Mascots

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As the American society continues to show their love for the great entertainment of sports, many people need to understand there is a large group of people who feel extreme discrimination in some instances that we consider entertainment. In today's society, sports mascots have been placed under increasing fire by American Indians. A mascot representing an American Indian is very degrading to them in their long struggle for equality in America. Although America has made some progress in the fight against the use of native mascots, the long road still lies ahead in order to completely eliminate the usage of mascots portrayed as Indians. It appears to many people that sports mascots are honoring the Indians. However, this paper will prove that Native American mascots are a disgrace to their culture, create untrue stereotypes on America's point of views, and keep them from achieving equal status with the rest of America.

Ever since Syracuse adopted the one of the first Indian mascots in the United States, their culture has been degraded . Understandably, an American Indian named Chief Bill Orange was responsible for creating the nickname the "Indians" (1). The intentions of this mascot were to honor the first Americans. Instead of giving them honor, the Indians have been portrayed as an uncivilized character, and seen as an object. Their religious chants have been mocked by the fans of "Indian" teams who have no understanding of what they mean. Wearing feathers and headdresses to an event is another way of making a mockery out of the culture.

Native Americans have been stereotypically portrayed as entertainment. People tend to see the culture of Indians as an uncivilized animal culture. At an area high school game in Wyoming, the team had the nickname the "Warriors". The fans would chant "Let's...