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I think it is a good movie. I can see how people treat slave in that time. This movie showed The Spanish dealer (in the movie) treats the African slaves cruelly and how immoral that they do to people when they find out they couldn't control them (they throw people into the sea). The other part is how disgusting they are when they force African slave women to have a sex with them. It same with what did you say in the lecture but I think you describe it too cruel. May be it is true in the reality at that time. Beside that, I did not see they spoke different language. In class you said they was mix with other tribe that spoke different language. This makes me realize move is not always true (like you say in the lecture). They do this just to make it easy.

In this movie I learn how bad did people want to free when they are not free. In that time people look slave as property not as human. We can see slave value is less than the value of pet right now. We can see right now if you abuse a dog or cat you can be sue by animal right organization but at that time people do not care about you abuse your slave. The amazing part in this movie is when cinque says "GIVE US, US FREE" I feel I want cry at that time. Beside that, I like seen in the last part in the court suddenly I could scream "Yea"¦" when the supreme court decide all the African slave free. This movie was influent me to hate president Martin Van Buren. I hate him because he sacrifice the true just because for the re-elect to be president again.